your mindset IS your superpower!

Enroll in my 12-month Coaching Program for 2024 and gain exclusive access to personalized 1:1 guidance, transformative strategies, and powerful tools that will turn your mindset into the driving force behind a life filled with purpose, strength, and abundance. Together will will keep you accountable and committed to taking action for the vision, gifts and purpose you desire for your life. You deserve it.

Our program includes

Value Driven


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your mindset into your ultimate superpower and unlock a life of purpose, power, and abundance. Join my program now and embark on a journey toward lasting personal and abundant success.

Clarity and Focus: I will help you gain clarity about your goals, values, and priorities. I’ll assist you in honing your focus on what truly matters, enabling you to make better decisions and take purposeful actions.

Access to Expertise: Enjoy virtual group coaching to connect with guest speakers and fellow participants who are experts in their fields. These guest speakers will share valuable business tools, insights, and strategies that can empower your business to reach million-dollar status.

Group Networking: Through virtual group coaching and tailored mastermind sessions, you’ll expand your network, gaining access to valuable contacts and resources that can help you grow and scale your business while staying aligned with your purpose.



Affirm Your Vision: Learn the power of positive affirmations and how to integrate them into your daily life. Affirmations help you rewire your subconscious mind, replace limiting beliefs with empowering ones, and create a life filled with positivity, purpose, and abundance.

Optimized Performance: Activate strategies to optimize your performance in various aspects of life, whether it’s in your career, relationships, or personal growth. You’ll learn how to tap into your full potential and consistently perform at your best.

Enhanced Well-being:: This program emphasizes the importance of a balanced and fulfilling life. You’ll discover how to manage stress, improve your overall well-being, and cultivate a positive mindset that leads to increased happiness and satisfaction.

Resilience and Confidence: Adopt my personal techniques, to develop the mental resilience to navigate challenges and setbacks with ease. Boost your self-confidence, allowing you to face obstacles head-on and persevere with determination.


WHat They're Saying

“Cheryl is an authentic leader who gives her heart. I have learned how to think and process my business and my life differently in order to move towards purpose filled living.”

Dr Kerry-Ann Zamore

“Working with Dr Cheryl has empowered me to walk confidently into any room as though I belong there. Speak badly about my dreams and aspirations because they matter. Lastly, Dr Cheryl helped me drop the weight of trauma from the past so that I can live the life I truly desire. “

Roni Talley

“Working with Dr. Cheryl opened my eyes to see my true self. The way she starts with prayer and invites God’s word and will to enlighten our time together is priceless. Dr. Cheryl is a listener and steers the conversation so that I can actually hear myself think and talk through complicated feelings, situations, fears, or hidden challenges.”

Dr. Michelle Kindred

“It was as if Cheryl took me by the hand and engaged me in thought-provoking conversations that inspired me to have breakthrough moments that propelled me to the best version of myself.”

Sheila Malloy-Hall

“Working with Dr. Cheryl has encouraged me to give myself permission to stand in my beliefs and my integrity. She has been an example of owning the woman God has created you to be. I whole-heartedly believed in her believing in me until I could believe in myself. Ms. Cheryl has truly been an example of write the plan and make it plain. She has taught me how to stay focused and block out anything that does not serve me and my journey.”

Ché Houston

“Working with Dr. Cheryl has been so amazing. I have learned so much. I have been inspired and empowered. Working with Dr. Cheryl has caused me to be a better writer and has caused many doors to open for me. Truly this awesome amazing person has enriched my life is such a powerful way.”

Dr. Eric Holmes

“I believe every coach should have a coach. Working with Cheryl allowed me to unveil a deeper level within that I was still hiding from.”

Regina Robinson

“Working with Dr. Cheryl throughout the years had been absolutely phenomenal! She has helped me to change my mindset by speaking affirmations over myself and taking action. Cheryl has helped me to follow my dreams.  I went from being afraid to speak in front of a crowd to writing books, radio show interviews, coaching and speaking in front of TV audience.”

Tammy Woodard

“Working with Mrs. Cheryl has given me the confidence that I need to be myself. There are three things that I have learned from her that have been game changers, not just in my business but also my personal life. 1. Don’t allow fear to stop you from doing what you were called to do. 2. Don’t seek validation from others. 3. Let your no be no. I used to make myself miserable by trying to keep others happy. “

Tammy Lewis

“Working with Dr Cheryl has transformed my mindset from I think I can do it to I KNOW I can do it and do it, well!”

Yvette D McGill

“Working with Dr. Cheryl transformed my mind to think positive about myself, to know I can achieve my dreams regardless of how old I am, my past, or my background.”

Velena McRae

“My mindset is permanently elevated as a result of working with Dr. Cheryl. Her guidance and support are unparalleled. It is actionable and forward moving. She puts encouragement and opportunity in your path. She backs up Affirmations and Prayer with Action. She exposes you to not just the why but the how. She shares her knowledge and network. This changes your mindset to one of power and purpose because someone believes in you as much as God does.”

Kimberly Morrison


You’re here because you’re ready for change, and you understand that transformation lies on the other side of an affirmed and empowered mindset. I’m here to guide you through that transformation. Together, we’ll kindle that inner flame, turning your dreams and ambitions into tangible victories. Embrace this pivotal moment and convert your profound aspirations into a compelling testament of purpose and achievement. Age can’t hinder you. Doubters can’t deter you. Everything you seek is just beyond the horizon of your mindset.

Don’t miss out; let’s embark on this journey now for 2024!

Get 12 months of coaching starting at $7500. 

Includes: 1 personal 1:1 mindset session per month, one virtual group coaching session in the “The Mindset Circle.” Special Guests Monthly. Access to the ‘I Am a Millionaire’ Mindset Community.

$7500 – PAID IN FULL

$7800 – 10 payments of $780

Paid In Full Bonuses!

Pay in full by November 1, 2023  and gain access to the ‘I Am a Millionaire Mindset Academy,’ a 6-week program designed to help you cultivate a superpower mindset to build, grow, and scale your million-dollar business idea! PLUS, you will receive a 12-month membership to the ‘I Am a Millionaire Mindset Community,’ an online space filled with tips, tools, and monthly group coaching sessions designed for individuals focused on honing their gifts, purpose, and dreams